Call for urgent work on beach ablutions

HEALTH HAZARD: David Bamber inspects one of the neglected Bluewater Bay beach facilities Pictures: MARK WEST
HEALTH HAZARD: David Bamber inspects one of the neglected Bluewater Bay beach facilities Pictures: MARK WEST

Bluewater Bay’s facilities are in a sorry state, with lifesaving club chairman Dave Bamber saying he has exhausted all avenues to get the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to restore the facility.

With faeces on the walls and floor, the stench of urine, peeling paint, cracked tiles and simply no water connections, the ablution block appears not to have undergone any maintenance upgrades in years.

The facilities have apparently become a haven for vandals at night Bamber said he had battled to get any positive response from the city.

“I have been complaining about the condition of these facilities for over four months but nothing has been done.

“As a result, their condition has become worse,” Bamber said.

He said he had written a letter to the mayor’s office in August to express his dissatisfaction with how the facilities had been neglected.

“Their response was that there was a delay because the municipality has only one plumbing contractor for the entire metro.

“But I fail to understand that response because they could easily appoint another contractor temporarily to fix these toilets,” Bamber said.

He said he was appalled by the manner in which the municipality was handling the matter, saying the club, as residents of Bluewater Bay, had offered to help to ensure that  the facilities were well looked after as soon as renovations got underway.

“These toilets are a health hazard and a shocking advertisement of Nelson Mandela Bay to tourists.

“Already I have heard foreign tourists on the beach passing negative comments.

“The community is willing to help.

“We have one of the best neighbourhood watches in the metro.

“We are willing to lock and unlock the facilities in the mornings and evenings to prevent the vandalism which takes place at night.

“But what needs to happen first is that they need to send people to clean up here,” Bamber said.

Another resident, Ayanda Ngcezula,34, said he was concerned about the abandoned facilities.

“What is happening here is disgusting to say the least.

“It is embarrassing.

“When I really want to relax with family and friends I don’t bother coming to this beach because it is not well taken care of.

“I would rather drive all the way to Summerstrand, where the facilities are better,” Ngcezula said.

Bay deputy mayor and public health portfolio head Mongameli Bobani said: “Plumbing and maintenance work [at the ablution facility]will start on Monday.

“Labour issues have also contributed to the situation and those have been dealt with.

“I will also be closely monitoring the progress of the work as of Monday.”


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