‘Arrest me’ – Gordhan throws down gauntlet to the Hawks

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan told a Cape Town audience on Thursday the Hawks could arrest him at any time they pleased.

In conversation with Justice Malala at the Open Book Festival‚ the Gordhan said: “They can arrest me now if they want to.”

He insisted he had played ball with the Hawks.

“All the questions have been asked‚ all the questions have been answered‚” he said.

He added that he had taken legal advice and would cooperate with any legal obligations.

“I am not above the law‚ nobody is above the law‚” he added.

Asked about his views on a judicial inquiry into banks’ treatment of Gupta family-owned businesses‚ Gordhan encouraged the family to approach the courts.

“The view we have taken is that if anyone of us feels particularly disadvantaged or prejudiced‚ the court system in South Africa is good‚” he said.

– TMG Digital/The Times

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