#OccupyLuthuliHouse toned down over fears of another ‘Marikana’

The #OccupyLuthuliHouse campaign which brought Johannesburg’s centre to a standstill on Monday morning has not materialised.

Instead organisers have called on their supporters to stay away citing security threats and fear of another “Marikana” as reasons.

A protester at #OccupyLuthuliHouse wearing his heart - not quite on his sleeve Picture:                          Boikhutso Ntsoko
A protester at #OccupyLuthuliHouse wearing his heart – not quite on his sleeve
Picture: Boikhutso Ntsoko

The group’s organisers‚ Gugu Ndina and Sasabona Manganye‚ were quick to say that the campaign to protest outside the African National Congress (ANC) offices was not a failure.

“This is not about numbers or memos. This is about bringing attention to a burning issue‚ an elephant in the room‚ which is President Jacob Zuma‚ who needs to be removed‚” said Manganye.

“We are called cowards by ANC structures but these structures are the cowards. Instead of heeding to calls from branches to have Zuma removed‚ they instead want an early elective conference. Why an early elective conference? Why not just remove Zuma now?“

Ndima said they issued a call for supporters to stay away on Sunday night following the emergence of the threats.

“We have asked our people bar a few to stay away. We‚ as children of the ANC‚ have a right to be here and we will be here until we hand over our memorandum to the ANC secretary-general.”

Manganye said they were deeply concerned by the level of police at Luthuli House and the operations of the “state machinery”.

“Its clearly threatening.”

The memorandum is expected to be handed over at noon

Manganye said that if the ANC military veterans blocked them they would go to officials at Walter Sisulu House – the ruling party’s Gauteng headquarters — to have the memorandum handed over for them.

— TMG Digital/The Times

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