WATCH LIVE: Partial solar eclipse in South Africa

South Africans will be in for a treat on Thursday when they get to witness a partial solar eclipse‚ with those in Johannesburg getting the best view.

The partial eclipse will start at about 9:30 Pretoria time‚ and ends at 12:38‚ peaking at 11:02.

Eclipses generally happen two or three times a year‚ but aren’t visible everywhere.

Pieter Kotze‚ of the South African Space Agency warns that one should only observe the eclipse indirectly – using a pinhole camera to record the moon’s transit. Looking at it through sunglasses or telescopes‚ is a pretty good recipe for roasted retinas.

“Never ever try and look into the sun‚ you don’t feel it but the damage is permanent‚” Kotze warned. “You only have two eyes.”

Kotze said that the next total eclipse that we will get to see in Africa will be in 2030.

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