Weather office warns of dangerous hot weather conditions

The weather office in Port Elizabeth has issued a warning as areas around the province fast approach a Discomfort Level of 100.

Weather office spokesman Garth Sampson said Coega (38°C), Addo and East London (both 36°C) had already reached that level by 11am. A Discomfort Level is a combination of temperature and humidity.

In other parts of the country, the mercury soared to 36°C in Port Alfred, 35°C in Uitenhage, Patensie and Fort Beaufort while Port Elizabeth reached 34°C by mid-morning.

“When temperature and humidity are high at the same time, humans ability to cool their bodies through sweating are reduced. This can be a real threat,” Sampson said.

In order to avoid overheating, Sampson warned the public to:

• Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible;
• The old and infirm must take extra care;
• Listen to the radio or TV for warnings;
• Cease strenuous outdoor activity if advised;
• Avoid playing sport;
• Dress in light weight clothes; and
• Drink plenty of liquids NOT alcohol.

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