Postman’s knock could be costly

It’s a hard-knock township life with many companies either turning their backs on residents or making them pay extra.

Postnet in Cape Town has a “township fee” – the solution to entering crime ridden areas.

Facebook user Biance-Anne P Moll wrote to the company claiming a parcel had cost R570 to deliver from Cape Town to Soweto.

She said she had paid the same price to deliver a parcel, with the same weight, to South Dakota in the US.

Postnet replied: “The township surcharge is a security fee for the drivers and vehicles.

“Just last week one of our trucks was hijacked in a Cape Town township.

“As soon as the crime situation improves the surcharge will fall away.”

In response to questions, company spokesman Graeme Saunders said the township surcharge was not unique to Postnet and all couriers did it.

He said the township fee could also make up for time spent looking for the house.

But he said the problem was national and that “crime is a factor”.

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