Hospital needs help to find unidentified patients families

Livingstone Hospital social worker Neliswa Siwisa has asked the public to help her find the families of two unidentified patients currently at the facility.

In the first case a young man was brought to the hospital by the Police. Siwisa said they only know that he was picked up somewhere in the Northern Areas. He was brought in at midday on August 22. “He is mentally challenged. He does not speak to us. He only spoke once since Monday to say that his name is Steven. He is refusing to tell us his surname or anything else,” she said. She said this man just sleeps all the time. steven-use

In the second case a man, estimated to be in his late 20s, was transferred to Livingstone Hospital from Dora Nginza Hospital. “He was shot three times, once in the head. He is in the intensive care unit in a stable condition but he can’t talk,”she said.  unknown-use

Anybody with information on these two patients can contact Neliswa Siwisa on 082 7343902 or 0727383838.

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