WATCH: Cops struggle to contain red tide of EFF supporters at Joburg council

“Where is your access card?” one of the police officers barked.

This‚ however‚ did little to stem the tide of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) red overall-clad members eager to gain access to the Johannesburg City Hall ahead of Monday’s inaugural sitting for the new term.

Their push into the council chambers was temporarily halted when police reinforcements arrived and managed to shut the door. Seconds later‚ an EFF member could be seen opening the door from the inside‚ at which point the cops relented and let them in.

The Red Berets weren’t the only people scrumming to gain access to the chambers.

Organisers had run out of accreditation tags for the media as the number of journalists attending the meeting was greater than any ever witnessed by the city.

The EFF holds the key to who will run the city as neither the ANC nor the Democratic Alliance (DA) won an outright majority in the recent elections.

— TMG Digital

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