SA mourns child hero who died protecting his mother

South Africans have united in mourning the death of a six-year-old boy who was killed while trying to defend his mother from an attacker who tried to rape her.

The Diamond Fields Advertiser  reported on Tuesday that Kutlwano Garesape and his mother were walking to school at Jan Kempdorp in the northern Cape when they were attacked on Friday.

The child was stabbed repeatedly with a broken bottle.

The alleged assailant‚ Tefelo Dikole‚ 32‚ has already appeared in the Jan Kempdorp Magistrate’s Court.

Segomotso Garesape‚ 42‚ was attacked while walking her two sons‚ aged six and eight‚ to school after they missed their bus. Kutlwano slapped and kicked the man as he attempted to strangle his mother‚ screaming: “Let go of my mommy”.

“I heard my child crying out for me and I saw him trying to defend himself with his hands. The man just kept on stabbing him‚” she told the newspaper.

People from across the country have conveyed their condolences to the family and offered to help them.

The attack was met with outrage and heartache on social media.

Daphne Mufamadi tweeted‚ “Im shatterd by the Killing of 6 year old Kutlwano Garesape‚ stabbed to death trying to protect his mother.”

Daniel Pabu said: “Kutlwano Garesape. . .What this boy did to save his mother. . . . And to the savage that murdered him. Disgusted with the world.”

2 thoughts on “SA mourns child hero who died protecting his mother

  • August 16, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    This is so sad. What is the world coming to? My heart breaks for his mother

  • August 16, 2016 at 11:29 am

    I am also badly shattered by the brutal Killing of 6 year old Kutlwano Garesape who’s main aim was to protect his mother from being raped. This happening should have been published on the first page of each and every newspaper in South Africa. We are entitled to know how brutal criminals in South Africa are and we need to protect ourselves against them because the police has clearly lost the battle.
    Today I mourn for the loss of a hero named Kutlwano and I want to sympathize with his family who will be standing next to his grave within the next few days.


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