To deny coloured people this as a victory is ridiculous‚ says AKA about Wayde’s Olympic gold

While the entire nation has been rejoicing over athlete’s world record and gold medal- a debate over his race caused a frenzy on Twitter.

The hashtag #Coloureds topped the trends list for hours as social media users debated whether this is a win for black excellence or the coloured community.

Never one to shy away from a heated debate‚ AKA added his voice to conversation.

“First off let’s be proud that a South African smashed the world record and claimed gold representing our country‚” he said.

AKA went on to add that people need to realise that coloured people have been stereotyped all their lives and this is a massive victory for the community.

AKA said that even though he’s been told on numerous occasions that he is not black‚ identity is not something that other people can dictate to you.

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