Elderly couple attacked in Bathurst home

An elderly couple was attacked on Friday night in their Bathurst home.

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender said the two – aged between 60 and 70 – were watching movies on a laptop at about 11.30pm when they heard dogs barking and went out to investigate.

“The man saw a suspect jumping over the gate. He shouted at him but the suspect threw stones at him. The victim retreated but the suspects pushed their way through and started their attack on the couple demanding cash firearms and the safe,” Govender said.

“The couple managed to free themselves from the attackers and escape into the courtyard and eventually managed to get over the fence and seek help while their attackers were still in the house.”

The two, who sustained injuries to their upper body and limbs, were being treated at a local hospital.

The suspects stole cellphones and cash.

Govender appealed to anyone with information to contact their local police station.

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