‘ANC digging the dagger in our hearts’ – artist Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu  File picture: Mariska Van Den Brink / The Times
Ayanda Mabulu
File picture: Mariska Van Den Brink / The Times

Artist Ayanda Mabulu‚ who had social media sites buzzing with his controversial artwork on #Zupta state capture this week‚ says the ruling party is letting SA down.

One of the works by the artist on exhibition at Constitutional Hill depicts President Jacob Zuma licking the butt of one of the Gupta brothers‚ a naked Atul‚ in an aircraft cockpit‚ with an ANC flag hanging to the side.

A second painting shows Zuma reclining in what resembles a throne‚ seemingly asleep and with his private parts exposed.

The exhibition is themed Post Its‚ interrogating life in post-apartheid South Africa.

In an interview with SABCNews last week‚ Mabulu said the political and social circumstances in the country made it an easy theme to create art for.

“With what’s happening in the country‚ the turmoils‚ you know‚ and seeing everything that’s happening in the streets‚ having to see the people you know having to be stuck in the same predicament as before‚ it was an easy theme to work on.

“Because things are happening in the streets … blatantly … the only thing I had to [do was] just go on my canvas and talk about them.

“It’s social. It’s political. If you look at what was happening before ‘94‚ the struggles that people went through‚ if you look at now‚ with the current government‚ people are still stuck in the same thing.

“They still fighting for the resources that they were fighting for even then.”

Mabulu said that the situation has become desperate with the ANC letting people down.

“We don’t have anyone to run to because the one who is digging the dagger in our hearts is the people of our own‚ if we are talking about the ruling party.”

Mabulu‚ who has previously got up some people’s noses with artworks Pornography of Power and Umshini Wam‚ both exposing Zuma’s private parts‚ is expected at Constitution Hill on Wednesday for a walkabout with other artists featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until July 24.

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    How true! Let all artists show things as they are.
    ‘Give Mabulu a Bells’


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