WATCH: Alison’s vicious rape and kidnapping detailed in new film

It was a story that gripped the nation and now‚ more than 20 years later‚ Alison Botha is going to document being kidnapped‚ raped and stabbed more than 36 times in a new documentary film.

Narrated by Alison herself‚ the film not only depicates what happened to her‚ but also the consquences years on.

WARNING: Content of a graphic nature.

“So many people want the happy fairytale ending for me. So do I. But for now‚ it keeps alluding me.”

Set for release in August 2016‚ Alison says the incident is something that still haunts her to this day. “I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

I was abducted at knife-point. Taken to the bushes in the outskirts of the city. Raped by two men. Strangled. Stabbed in my stomach in excess of 36 times. Disemboweled. Had my throat cut 17 times. It was horrific and scary and wrong. And I survived.”

A trailer for the movie has been released and in it Alison says that despite what she has been through‚ and all of the hurdles that she has had to overcome‚ she remains positive.

“We actually are capable of a lot more than we allow ourselves to think. This is my tale‚ my way and it’s not the end.”

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