Twitter users tune the odds with #VanRooyenDidntEven…

It was short‚ but David van Rooyen’s tenure as the country’s finance minister – the shortest ever – will be remembered.

Van Rooyen was removed from the post by President Jacob Zuma on Sunday night just five days after he controversially replaced Nhlanhla Nene.

The brevity of his time as SA’s chief bean counter became a source of amusement on Twitter with the hashtag #VanRooyenDidntEven…

Here are just some of the tweets:

DonovanGoliath ‏@DonovanGoliath  #VanRooyenDidntEven get a chance to take a selfie from his desk.

AUSI NICE TIME  ‏@Gee_Mofokeng #VanRooyenDidntEven get the password for WiFi 🙁 🙁

McLovin ‏@FunnyGuyNate #VanRooyenDidntEven Get to leave chappies underneath the desk. 60 retweets 31 likes Reply Retweet 60 Like 31 More

Nicholas Goliath ‏@nickgoliath  #VanRooyenDidntEven get to memorise the PIN number for the country’s debit card

Denha Ndoroya ‏@KuleVeZaka #VanRooyenDidntEven Get a change to Join Cabinet WhatsApp Group

ANN7Reporter ‏@ANN7Reporter #VanRooyenDidntEven get the chance to change his Linkedin profile.

Rick-Rack Cadillac ‏@irCadillac  #VanRooyenDidntEven get to have his own Twitter account.

AuntyKaKeitu ‏@guguzane #vanrooyendidnteven get to change his email signature.

Krissy ‏@KrissyPeterssen #VanRooyenDidntEven last as long as his hashtag.

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