GALLERY: Best van Rooyen memes

If Sunday night’s announcement that the president’s finance minister of four days would be replaced for a former incumbent would quiet things down some‚ it didn’t work.

Words relating to the surprise proclamation that Pravin Gordhan was back to replace David van Rooyen occupied five spots in of the top-10-trending issues on Twitter on Monday morning.

#ZumaMustStillFall – which took last week’s #ZumaMustFall forward topped the list‚ followed by “#VanRooyen”‚ “#HandsOffZuma”‚ “COGTA (an acronym for co-operative governance and traditional affairs‚ the ministry position Van Rooyen swapped with Gordhan) and popular former finance minster “Trevor Manuel”.

And then there are also the memes, always there to help South Africa make light of every situation. So, while the internet reacts to Zuma’s amazing U-turn, here are some of the best Zuma/Van Rooyen/Gordhan memes currently going around on social media:



















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