Van Rooyen reports ‘impersonated’ Twitter account


David van Rooyen has reacted to the baptism of satire that greeted his surprise appointment as the minister of finance this week.

On Friday‚ he put “on record that a Twitter account which goes by the handle @daviddvanrooyen and purporting to be Minister David Douglas Des van Rooyen and using his picture is neither his nor that of his office”.

“The minister does (sic) not have an official account yet and it is not coincidence that the accounts were created on the day the president announced his appointment‚” a ministry statement said.

“The ministry of finance denounces the account as parody as it has clear intent to deceive‚ confuse and damage the image of the minister as a person and an institution‚” it added.

“The (sic) impersonated account has been reported to Twitter.

“The public is advised to visit and click on Twitter and Facebook links to access National Treasury’s official social media accounts.”

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