Malema challenges ‘small boy’ Mandla on Mandela’s legacy

Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, has challenged Mandla Mandela to a public debate on the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

This follows criticism by Mandla Mandela after Malema told a gathering in London last week that the former president sold out the revolution when he negotiated South Africa’s transition with the apartheid government.

Malema said that “deviation from the Freedom Charter was the beginning of the selling-out of the revolution”.

He said that when Mandela was released from prison he separated from his wife Winnie and “then went to stay in a house of the rich white men…he was looked after by the Oppenheimers”.

“President Mandela is a human being like all of us. He’s got his own shortcomings. His legacy and his contribution to the struggle … if you don’t want to vote for me because I’m critiquing Mandela then you want to live a lie.

“Give your vote to those who live a lie; I don’t live a lie,” he said, adding that he did not belong to a religion called “Mandela”.

“I agree compromises were made, but to single out Mandela is not correct. I don’t believe Mandela sold out. I believe Mandela made a contribution to a particular extent and it is up to us to take it from there and move forward,” he said.

Malema challenged Mandla Mandela – whom he characterised as a “small boy in politics” – to a public debate.

“If Mandla Mandela wants my credentials, I challenge him to a public debate on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Let Mandla Mandela take me on everything I said about Nelson Mandela, [everything I said] is true.”

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