Woolworths in a tangle over ‘slavery’ ropes on mannequins

Picture: Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha‎ via Facebook
Picture: Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha‎ via Facebook

Woolworths is being accused of mimicking slavery by tying ropes around black mannequins in an in-store display.

Woolworths customer Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha posted a complaint on the store’s Facebook page requesting that the offensive display be taken down because it ‘depicted Slavery.’

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The franchise has since responded to the complaint:


According to women24 the Woolworths press office said the in-store mannequins are made of their new recycled material which is grey and results in darker mannequins.

This uproar comes two weeks after H&M were in hot water over a racist Twitter response.

After a customer pointed out that there were only white models on their posters, H&M responded on Twitter by claiming they used white models to portray a ‘positive image’ in their SA store posters.

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