Couple die in Bay shack fire

A PORT Elizabeth couple burnt to death in their shack in Malabar Extension 6 on Saturday night.

Neighbours were unable to save Angelina Hendricks, 56, and her boyfriend, Lennon Pillay, 52.

Bonita Peters, 18, said she spotted the flames from her family’s home at about 8pm.

“At first I thought it was someone who had made a fire. [But then] the fire started to spread to our fence,” she said.

“I screamed for everyone to come out. We could hear someone banging against the zinc [sheeting] inside.

“One of our neighbours tried to open the door but the fire was just too strong,” Peters said.

Pillay, who was bed-ridden, had been living with Hendricks, who took care of him.

Ward 12 PR councillor Lindelwa Mettavainio said that two weeks ago another person had died in a shack fire in the same area.

“I have asked human settlements to come and address these people [today] and to tell them what is happening with the housing development in this area,” Mettavainio said.

An inquest docket has been opened.


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