Possible meteorite impact site investigated in EC

A disaster management team from the Kouga municipality in the Eastern Cape has been sent to the Baviaans area to inspect what is believed to be the impact site of a meteorite.

According to farmers in the Patensie area they felt their homes rattling last night. Residents of Cambria told The Herald they saw a blue flash of light which illuminated the sky at around 9pm last night. The light reportedly travelled from the direction of Jeffrey’s Bay towards Steytlerville. A bang was then heard and the impact could be felt for kilometres they said.

A number of Herald readers also reported seeing flashes of light in the night sky and hearing an explosion.

At midday on Monday (09/11/15), Kouga municipal spokeswoman  Laura-Leigh Randall said disaster management teams were  investigating the possibility that a meteorite had hit the area.

– Lee-Anne Butler



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