Alleged baby kidnapper ‘looked so innocent’ to new mother

A 19-year-old girl “who appeared to be a good Samaritan” was arrested by Rustenburg police on Monday for allegedly kidnapping a newborn baby.

According to police spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko‚ the teen approached the mother and her child outside the Job Shimankane Tabane provincial hospital in Rustenburg where she was waiting to be picked up after they were discharged a day after she gave birth.

“The suspect congratulated the mother for having a new-born and offered her R23 to buy food. The mother‚ 31‚ then handed over her newborn to the suspect in order to go to the hospital shop to buy food‚” Ramaloko said.

“When she returned the baby and the suspect had disappeared. The victim alerted the hospital staff who then called Rustenburg police.”

Ramaloko quoted the mother‚ once reunited with her baby‚ as saying: “I think I went blank for a while. The teen looked so innocent to me. I can’t imagine what her plans were with my baby.”

Cops ascertained that the suspect took a meter taxi which was operating outside the hospital to an unknown destination.

“Further probes led them to Sondela Extention 22‚ near Boitekong in Rustenburg‚ where the suspect and the child where found at a house belonging to the suspect’s parents‚” said Ramaloko.

She was arrested and charged for kidnapping‚ and has failed to respond when questioned at the Rustenburg police station where she is being detained about her disappearance with the baby.

The suspect’s mother reportedly told police that she was surprised by the newborn as her daughter was not expecting a baby.

-RDM News Wire

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