PE model takes on Pamplona bulls

 Nathan Ingram.
Nathan Ingram.

A PORT Elizabeth model Nathan Ingram took time off from the catwalk to run with the bulls in Spain.

The former Mr PE and Weekend Post Style Force finalist finished the Pamplona bull run last weekend.

He described the nerve-wracking tradition – which takes place annually during the San Fermin Festival – as dangerous yet exhilarating.

Ingram, 25, said when he arrived for the 825m run at 6am he had got to taste some Calimocho – red wine mixed with Coke.

The run starts when the clock on the church of San Cernin strikes 8am. “There was a loud bang and everyone started running. It sounded like thunder behind me as seven huge bulls charged . . . The most frightening sound in the world.”

Ingram said he had run 100m before jumping onto a windowsill.

“I held on for dear life as the bulls roared passed me.” He spotted many injured people. “I jumped over a guy lying in the road with a serious head injury. There was a second lot of bulls coming up behind me. I ran like I’ve never run before . . . into the safety of the arena.

“I’m happy I did it, walking away with only minor scratches.”

– Tremaine van Aardt 

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