WSU’s new chancellor a champion of ‘social justice and equity’


South Africa’s first female ambassador to the United States‚ Sheila Sisulu‚ has been named as Walter Sisulu University’s new chancellor.

A qualified teacher‚ Sisulu has spent more than three decades on the education front fighting for the rights of the marginalised‚ which mostly included women and the youth.

After jump-starting her teaching career in 1975‚ under during apartheid’s education system‚ Sisulu went on to join the South African Committee on Higher Education‚ served on the senior executive council of the South African Council of Churches as an education coordinator‚ became a director of a joint youth advocacy and development programme of the Southern African Catholics Bishop’s Conference‚ and has even served as a advisor to the minister of education.

“My professional life has been shaped by my commitment to social justice and equity‚ an understanding of the impact of history on individuals and society‚ a tenacity that I believe has enabled me to persuade others of fresh perspectives on difficult issues‚” Sisulu said.

“As an educator‚ an advocate for the marginalised‚ especially women and youth‚ I strongly believe in and am passionate about the power of people to change their world.”


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