Gospel queen Malope sings about respect

GOSPEL queen Rebecca Malope popped in to The Herald office yesterday to talk about her 35th album Ama VIP.

The award-winning singer said her fans could expect the best of Rebecca Malope in her latest offering.

“The CD was recorded live with a band. I worked with Robbie Malinga, Mojalefa and my longtime producer, Sizwe Zako,” Malope said yesterday.

“On it, I try to bring back the spirit of Ubuntu and love.

“The message is very simple, because people categorise each other on their circumstances – those from poor backgrounds are treated differently and looked down on. It made me think of where I come from.

“I was also looked down on. Biblically God created humans in his image. There are no VIPs, middle classes or rich people in his eyes. We are all equal,” she said.

Through Ama VIP, she wanted people to try to respect each other. “There is lots of love on the album,” she said.

Bay fans would see her perform next year on a tour of South Africa to celebrate her 30 years in music. “I will also release my book,” she said.

-Yoliswa Sobuwa

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