Monthly donations feed the homeless

PORT Elizabeth non-profit organisation Love Story is giving people the opportunity to ensure that the money they donate to the homeless goes to the right place.

They have launched the Be the Change campaign which Love Story founder Elaine Watson says mirrors a campaign in Cape Town raising money for the 50 000 meals it serves monthly.

“Members of the public sponsor R100 a month to fund our feeding schemes across the region.

“Campaigners are given a sticker disc for their cars to signify that they are part of the campaign, as well as cards with details of our soup kitchens to hand out to any person begging so that the person can access a soup kitchen in his or her vicinity,” she said.

Watson believes that people give away much more than R100 a month in small change.

In this way, she feels, they can ensure the money is really used for good.

“Love Story sends out 250 grocery parcels to families in crisis each week, makes 1 000 sandwiches a week for destitute children in Walmer township and runs soup kitchens across the region.

“We serve 50 000 meals a month through our feeding schemes,” she said.

“If we can get 500 people to sign up for the initiative it will carry a significant portion of the costs for us.”

Love Story has no formal donors and relies on the generosity of the public for funding.

Last year, Images 1 Hair Academy raised R10 000 for the Dora Nginza Hospital paediatric ward, hosting a “Locks for Love” day at the salon. This year the salon “charged” a jar of peanut butter for an appointment.

Watson encourages people to learn more about Love Story and donate where they can.

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-Eleanor Douglas-Meyers 

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