Fresh SA call to ban canned lion hunting

AS Australia prepares to announce a ban on canned lion hunting and the importing of hunting trophies, the IFP has renewed its call for similar action in South Africa.

The IFP tabled a motion in parliament yesterday criticising the government for its failure to impose a ban on what it called the barbaric canned lion hunting industry, and the captive breeding of lions for shooting.

“Let us sound the call again to the one who can save our lions: minister, ban canned lion hunting,” MP S J Nkomo said.

This is the second time the IFP has called for the ban in the National Assembly.

Campaign Against Canned Hunting director Chris Mercer said yesterday he believed that an unprecedented ban on the import of lion trophies and body parts was imminent in Australia, and could be announced there today.

“A massive Global March for Lions event is scheduled to take place at Federation Square in Melbourne today. We are expecting to see Environment Minister Greg Hunt make his announcement,” Mercer said.

In October, Hunt described the South African captive lion industry as cowardly.

Last year, the Professional Hunters’ Association of SA asked the Department of Environmental Affairs to write to Hunt, asking him to reconsider the ban.

The outcome of the department’s engagement is not known.

At a Global March for Lions in Cape Town tomorrow, Mercer will hand over a petition to Advocate Anthony Mitchell, the IFP’s parliamentary chief of staff, representing Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Mitchell said he would deliver the petition to speaker Baleke Mbete on Monday

-Simon Bloch

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