Walmer residents urge firmer action on crime

Angry Walmer township residents protest at the Walmer police station about the escalating crime
Angry Walmer township residents protest at the Walmer police station about the escalating crime

WALMER township residents yesterday demanded the same attention given to white suburbs by the police.

The township residents, joined by church people and foreign shop owners, yesterday marched to the Walmer police station saying that with the crime rate rocketing, they no longer felt safe at home.

They complained that there was no working relationship between the police and residents.

Community leader Kholekile Mabaso said the crime rate had increased in Walmer township.

“Our women and children are not safe and are the victims of rape. We work with the police to look for the criminals and hand them over at the police station, but after two days you will see the suspect walking in our streets,” Mabaso said.

“Two weeks ago, a foreign shop owner was murdered but no one has been arrested.

“That is because the police want the members of the community to do their job and play detectives.”

Reverend Nelson Makhubalo, of the Apostolic Faith Mission, said it was the church’s job to bury the murdered.

“Fighting crime should not only be done by residents, our police should do something. When something has happened, they [police] only send one bakkie.

“As a church, we are also trying our best to fight crime, by getting the criminals to confess and then change their ways,” Makhubalo said.

Yusuf Abdi, speaking on behalf of Somali business owners, said it was good to see solidarity among Walmer township residents.

“We need more police. What they are doing is not enough. “In the past 15 months, we have had 31 robberies in our shops, a murder and many injuries. Sadly, no one has been arrested,” Abdi said.

“We are willing to work with the police and the community to end to the escalating crime.”

Ward councillor Nomajama Benya said: “This is the third time we are giving a petition to the police, but nothing happens. It is still the same.

“We don’t want to take the law into our own hands. There should be enough police visibility in Walmer township like they have in the white suburbs.

“Foreign shop owners are also abused by our own police. We demand the police respond to us within 14 days,” he said.

-Yoliswa Sobuwa

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