Gays blamed for Cape fires

getimage (4)Storm over PE pastor’s Facebook posts

FIRE and brimstone of an entirely different kind was rained down on Cape Town by a Port Elizabeth pastor who this week likened the fire-ravaged Mother City to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah and blamed its woes on its gay residents.

Vincent Wienand, pastor, prophet and dream interpreter at Revelation Ministries, caused a firestorm on Facebook on Wednesday after he posted a religious rant which read: “CAPE TOWN THE GAY CITY: THE BURNING LAKE OF FIRE!! GOD DESTROYED SODOM AND GOMORRAH FOR THE VERY SAME REASON.”

Adding fuel to the fire were similar comments posted by Jenny Mciver Mason of Port Elizabeth – on which Wienand had Facebook-tagged prominent Eastern Cape MPLs Christian Martin of the ANC and Bobby Stevenson of the DA.

Mason posted: “Dear Cape Town the homosexual capital of Africa. Sodom and Gomorrah MUST GO. GOD LOVES YOU ALL SO MUCH BUT YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT WHAT HE IS SAYING TO YOU Next time there will be no mercy if you don’t humble yourselves and listen to Gods words.”

Stevenson yesterday acknowledged he knew of the pastor, but brushed his Facebook tagging aside. “Anyone can tag you, it is like being copied on an e-mail,” he said.

Asked why he thought he had been tagged, he said it might have been because Cape Town was a DA-led city in a DA-led province or because Wienand wanted to generate publicity around his posts and beliefs.

Martin – who also confirmed that he knew Wienand – said he had left his Facebook page inactive because it had been widely abused in the past.

“However, I cannot agree with Wienand. The fires in Cape Town are a natural occurrence and will ultimately rejuvenate the area. Cape Town will be beautiful again. They are not caused by gay or lesbian people in Cape Town.”

He also said it was not Christian-like to judge. “Wienand has in the past spoken some beautiful words and some truths, but this is not right and it is not right to judge.”

Eastern Cape Gay and Lesbian Association chairman David Hessey rubbished the posts around the fires, saying there were just as many gay and lesbian people in other cities in the country and they were not burning.

“I don’t think that there is going to be a Sodom and Gomorrah just because people of the same sex like each other. Besides, vegetation such as fynbos needs fire to rejuvenate, so the fire in Cape Town also has positive aspects.

“I think comments like this comprise hate speech and . . . are so stupid [they] do not even warrant any more comment.”

Pastor James Lottering of Port Elizabeth’s Word of Faith Christian Centre, where Wienand is a long-time member “but not a pastor”, said he was not aware of the Facebook posts.

“Those sentiments certainly do not represent the Word of Faith point of view.”

Wienand, who according to his Linkedin profile was schooled at Gelvandale High and is a qualified male nurse who went on to establish Revelation Ministries, could not be reached for comment last night.

-Shaun Gillham

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