Gauteng ‘taxi rapist’ shows no remorse

Minibus_taxiAS his lawyer begged for mercy on his behalf, the man dubbed the “taxi rapist” stood stonyfaced in the dock and refused to apologise.

Last week, the Johannesburg High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, found former taxi driver Lawrence Mabunda guilty of 21 counts of rape, 13 counts of robbery and one count of attempted murder.

Mabunda would lure his young victims from the Noord taxi rank in the Johannesburg central business district to his taxi, offering to take them where they needed to go.

He would then walk them on a “short cut” through bushy areas, where he would pull out a knife and threaten them. He then raped them. He was eventually arrested in 2013. Advocate Michael Twala pleaded with the court yesterday to show mercy to Mabunda.

But prosecutor Shubnum Singh said he showed no remorse.

“Where was the mercy for the victims? The only appropriate sentence in this matter is life.”

The court is expected to sentence Mabunda tomorrow.

Leonie Wagner

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