Cops mum after two shot in hijacking chase released

POLICE are dodging questions as to why the two people who were shot and wounded while inside a hijacked vehicle during a police car chase were released.

Yesterday Charlie Harper, 30, and a 17-year-old girl who cannot be named as she is a minor, were released from custody after they were shot while allegedly driving a hijacked Proton Savvy.

Both were released after detectives declined to prosecute following the car chase. Harper, sitting in the front passenger seat, was shot in the upper body and the girl, seated in the back, was shot in the back.

Alleged driver Warren Rademeyer, 27, ran away when the car stopped near a taxi rank in Highfield Road.

Rademeyer is facing charges of hijacking and will appear in court on Monday.

NMMU student Lauren Shovlin, 19, was hijacked while sitting in the car outside Belafatima flats on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Humewood Road at about 10pm on Wednesday night.

Weekend Post queried the duo’s release but police are skirting the issue.

Standard protocol in any criminal investigation where there is a witness and a suspect has been arrested is that a formal identity parade has to be held.

In this incident no identity parade was held and neither Harper nor the girl were even taken to court and charged.

Police spokeswoman Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said they were released as they were not linked to the hijacking “at this stage”.

As to why an identity parade was not held, Janse van Rensburg responded that they could not “constructively” comment on information obtained by Weekend Post’s sister newspaper The Herald from the hijacking victim, Lauren Shovlin. 19.

Despite Janse van Rensburg claiming investigators lacked information, Weekend Post can reveal that Shovlin went to the police station on Thursday morning, gave a statement and identified her bullet ridden car.

Janse van Rensburg would not comment on why an identity parade was not held. “No further details of the case will be discussed as it can compromise the pending investigation,” she said.

Police expert and former police General Johan Burger said this was an excuse for negligence and poor investigative techniques.

“There is no response they can give to justify why no identity parade was held.”

-Gareth Wilson 

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