Eskom still popular work prospect

ESKOM could be leaving millions of South Africans in the dark through load-shedding, but that has not put engineering students off wanting to work for it.

The energy supplier was named as the most attractive employer among engineering students at the 2015 Universum Most Attractive Employer awards yesterday.

Universum employer branding consultant Jenali Skuse attributed Eskom’s appeal to its reputation for treating employees “very well” and its ability to attract students.

More than 44 600 students at 25 tertiary institutions and 21 374 professionals were surveyed last year. Research revealed that 63% of students were concerned about the prospects of finding a job after graduation.

Secure employment, professional training and development, and career mobility attracted students to working for government.

The rankings also revealed that Transnet became more attractive across the board, while the retail industry became less attractive, with the exception of Woolworths.

-Poppy Louw

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