Twitter in change to video

twitterIF A picture is worth a thousand words, how many characters is a video worth?

Twitter, the world’s biggest microblogging site – limiting users to tweets of 140 text characters – now allows the posting of videos. It also allows editing. “With video on Twitter, you can capture and share life’s meaningful moments – from your perspective. Now it’s simple to shoot clips, make cuts, and share your world in vivid, moving detail,” Twitter announced at the weekend.

The social media site has been in a relentless hunt for more users after its regular number of tweeters dropped by four million to 288-million over the last three months of last year.

Video is part of its efforts to turn about 500 million occasional visitors into logged-in users.

“Video on Twitter gives you even more ways to tell your story. Grab your baby’s first steps, break important news, share a wicked guitar solo, or shoot and edit anything else, all within the app,” the company says.

-TJ Strydom

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