Metro water challenges over … for now

Ruth Swettenham and Roland Williams
Ruth Swettenham and Roland Williams

NELSON Mandela Bay’s “water challenges” are over for the foreseeable future and residents can look forward to clean, drinkable tap water – for now at least.

Thousands of households and businesses had to survive with little or no water this week due to shortages the municipality attributed to loadshedding. In many homes, the water they did have was brown, murky and smelly.

Water supply to the western suburbs was disrupted because the two plants – the Elandsjacht water treatment works and the other at Loerie – which treat more than half of the metro’s supply, had experienced load-shedding.

But municipal spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said yesterday the current stability and consistency in electricity distribution for treatment works and pump stations had allowed the municipality to refill reservoirs feeding the Bay.

“Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to inform residents that the challenges of water shortages and low pressure have been overcome. We would also like to assure residents that the water coming out of their drinking taps is of the right quality and safe for drinking,” Mniki said.

“We would also like to thank residents of the metro for their cooperation and understanding during this period. The municipality is committed to providing a sustainable water supply that is reliable and safe.”

However, water restrictions are still on the cards.

“The municipality calls on all residents to use water and electricity sparingly, as the Nelson Mandela Bay area is experiencing a shortage of rainfall, which has led to our dam levels decreasing to about 70%,” Mniki said. “We want to confirm that we are considering water restrictions, depending on water consumption and rainfall . . . work with us in decreasing our water consumption by at least 10%.”

-Weekend Post Reporter

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