1 000 black bags filled in cleanup in Helenvale

MEMBERS of the Helenvale Empowerment Cooperative took to the streets yesterday, urging the community to join an initiative to clean up illegally dumped rubbish.

The Helenvale Empowerment Cooperative (Hemco) was formed in 2012 and the cleanup campaign aims to eliminate illegal dumping while raising awareness around recycling.

About 48 people from the community joined the march that saw members of a women’s dialogue group, members of the victim support system and two teachers from each primary school in the area take part.

Hemco chairwoman Rebekka Windvogel said: “We want people to see that if we keep Helenvale clean, we can better the community.

“We just want to change the environment. The people in the northern areas are used to no one caring, that is why they do not care about the place. We want people to know that waste has value, and that we can recycle and renew it.”

The group visited six illegal dumping sites and filled 400 black plastic bags with plastic bottles and another 600 bags with waste they collected from the sites.

The bottles sere sold to a company in Deal Party and the waste dumped at a landfill in KwaDwesi.

-Caz-lynn Human 

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