Flasher tries his luck once too often

AN East London mother was so incensed when a man flashed his genitals at her after she picked up her four-year-old daughter from school on Tuesday, she made sure he was arrested.

It was the second time in a week that the well-dressed man flashed at Quinta Carr, 36, as she drove away from Clarendon Preparatory.

According to Optimum Security company owner Garfield Botha, whose daughters attend the school and who apprehended the flasher, it was not the first time the man had exposed himself in the same spot in Cheltenham Road.

Carr said the man parked his vehicle about 100m from the school parking area and then sat across the road under a tree.

“When I drove past at about 12.30pm he stood up and wiggled his manhood. He looked in my eyes and obviously wanted to see my reaction.”

Carr said she had been confronted by the same flasher a week ago when both her daughters were in the car.

“Last time I gestured to him as if to ask what he was doing. This time I didn’t drive past. I made a U-turn and drove back to the school gate where an Optimum Security vehicle was parked and raised the alarm.”

She said the flasher realised his number was up and started walking away from his car.

“Other mothers have seen him do this too and one said this was why our children can’t walk to school,” Carr said.

Botha said his wife, Cindy, had also had to endure the flasher’s anti-social behaviour after picking up their children. “We arrested him in the bush and waited for the police to arrive,” he said.

Police confirmed a 32-year-old man was arrested on charges of public exposure and would appear in court tomorrow.

-Barbara Hollands

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