New lifts at last for Livingstone

They have long been a source of irritation, disgust and anxiety at Port Elizabeth’s Livingstone Hospital, but finally the medical facility’s elevators will be replaced with new ones, the Eastern Cape Health Department said yesterday.

Spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the lifts, frequently out of order, would be replaced “due to old age”.

Exactly a year ago Livingstone came to a standstill when all the lifts but a small one failed simultaneously.

Surgeries had to be cancelled and the intensive care unit’s (ICU) access to theatre was cut off as all four lifts big enough to accommodate beds and wheelchairs broke down.

Broken lifts also frequently delay the distribution of medicine and food to patients.

Livingstone is the Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex’s centre for emergency and most major general and orthopaedic surgeries.

Kupelo said the new lifts for the hospital had been ordered from China.

He was not sure when they would arrive in Port Elizabeth.

-Estelle Ellis

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