Some great escapes for those weary of sentiment

If all the roses and chocolates are getting too much, there is an alternative for those not looking to fall in love tomorrow.

Port Elizabeth event organisers are following the trend set by Jessica Biel’s character in Valentine’s Day by hosting events for those not in love with love.

One such event is an antiValentine’s day stand-up comedy show and three-course meal at Cafe Capellini in Sunridge Park.

Port Elizabeth comedian Roland Gaspar will take a humorous look at love.

Event organiser Steven Lancaster said he hoped to put a positive spin on the negativity about being single on Valentine’s day.

“Not everyone is in love at this moment, and that’s fine. Being single doesn’t mean you are lonely or that you cannot have fun,” he said.

His sentiments are echoed by Josh Steenekamp, owner of Chingadas Mexican Cantina in Walmer. They will be hosting their fourth anti-Valentine’s event, which they say will be a little unconventional.

“Valentine’s day is seen as a day for couples, but here we see it as a day for fun. Everyone is welcome to come and let their hair down and share the love,” he said.

Another establishment offering a “good party” with an antiValentine’s feeling is Eataly in Newton Park.

They will be hosting “Love Sux” with DJ Fistas Mixell.

The event offers free entry to women before 9pm.

-Eleanor Douglas Meyers

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