Condoms in South Africa made to accommodate the bigger man

condomFACT: condoms available in South Africa are custom-made to accommodate the bigger man.

The Aids Healthcare Foundation, which marks International Condom Day today, has confirmed that condom sizes differ from country to country.

“The reason is that the average penis size differs. In South Africa, penises average 15cm, so our condoms are made to accommodate that,” the foundation’s South African programme director, Hilary Thulare, said.

Penis size has given rise to several studies over the years. However, the most notable and most criticised for promoting racial stereotypes, ranked South African men sixth in average penis size out of 113 countries.

Research carried out by Ulster University’s Dr Richard Lynn found African men to have the largest penises and Asians the smallest.

The most well-endowed men with 18cm penises were from the Democratic Republic of the Congo while North Korean men fell short with a length of 9.6cm.

“It is a myth that if you have a large penis an average condom won’t fit. The reason is that condoms are made from latex and latex stretches. Used correctly, condoms can accommodate all shapes and sizes,” Thulare said.

Sexologist Professor Elna McIntosh said penis size was an obsession for most men while for most women size really did not matter.

Meanwhile, the foundation distributed more than four million condoms in South Africa last year, while the government handed out more than 400 million.

-Nivashni Nair

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