“Service delivery crisis” in Parly: EFF

There is a lack of water in Parliament which was a service delivery crisis, the Economic Freedom Fighters said on Thursday ahead of President Jacob Zuma’s state-of-the-nation address.

“We’ve been waiting for the head of state for a very long time and there seems to be problem with the water service,” national spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said.

“I am very thirsty. There is a service delivery crisis here in Parliament.”

He asked Speaker Baleka Mbete to get the water service running again so that they could get water.

This came after many journalists attending the state-of-the-nation address in Cape Town complained on Twitter that once they had entered the House they could no longer use their cellphones.

MPs were also heard complaining about the jamming.

Around 25 journalists launched a protest in the press gallery of the over not having any cellphone reception to file their stories.

“Bring back the signal, bring back the signal,” they chanted, waving their cellphones at an electronic black box believed to be jamming signal.


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