Shock as Elvis the pig eats his family

getimage (8)A zoo has lost some of its most endangered animals when a male warty pig ate his entire family and a rare monkey was eaten for lunch by some hungry otters.

The incidents happened at Bristol Zoo in southwest England in December and were followed by further tragedy when three rainbow lorikeets escaped.

The zoo, which prides itself on its conservation measures, said the deaths had distressed the animal keepers.

The most gruesome incident came after Manilla, a female Visayan warty pig, was joined by her husband Elvis last year.

Staff had said they hoped he would take a shine to her and they would become parents.

But when she gave birth to extremely rare piglets, Elvis ate them all and then turned on his mate, who had to be put down due to her injuries.

Two weeks later, an endangered golden lion tamarind monkey escaped and fell into a pond, where it became trapped and was eaten by American otters.

And just a week ago, three rainbow lorikeets, usually found in Australia, escaped through a hole in their cage and flew off. One is still on the loose.

The tragedies were revealed by a whistleblower, who said they could have been avoided.

“On the day the female gave birth to piglets, the male immediately ate them all, and then also attacked the mother by eating her rear end,” the whistleblower said.

“She was so badly injured she had to be put down. This meant the loss of a family of rare warty pigs that could have been avoided by keeping the male separate.

“And the rare lion headed golden tamarin was trapped in a drainage valve in a pond it fell in, and then eaten by the otters.”

Warty pigs, native to the Visayan Islands in the Philippines, are so rare that their numbers are unknown.

– The Telegraph

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