New hand-luggage limit on airplanes

THE Airports Company of South Africa will implement new hand-luggage restrictions for passengers travelling on all airlines and from all airports from Monday.

The new regulations are directed at reducing the carry-on baggage for both economy and business class passengers.

Economy class travellers will only be allowed to board with a single carry-on bag, with a maximum weight of 7kg and maximum dimensions of 36cm x 23cm x 56cm.

Handbags and ‘man bags’ (satchels) will be allowed as part of a person’s dress and a slim-line laptop bag may also be added.

Business class travellers are subject to the same new restrictions, with the exception that they may carry two bags which conform to the prescribed dimensions on board.

Low-cost airline Mango reacted to the new regulations by assuring its customers that it would not penalise travellers for any additional luggage that would have to be checked in as a result of the new restrictions.

SAA said yesterday its customers would have to conform to the new regulations in terms of the number of bags allowed as carry-ons, but because of national carrier status its passengers would be allowed 8kg per bag. – Weekend Post Reporter

One thought on “New hand-luggage limit on airplanes

  • February 5, 2015 at 10:15 am

    Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this…. Its been around F O R E V E R!!! Maybe people have only taken to skies recently and discovered that their fat ass cannot take more than ONE bag, oh and look that bag needs to fit into the overhead compartment.
    It could be that people are just fed up with that Indian Family that flies from Durban with 3 hand luggage bags each and take up 4 WHOLE bins so that everyone around them has to suffer. unfortunately I do not have this problem myself because if you have taken my overhead bin space I will happily take your luggage out and put mind in.
    while we are on the subject of limits on flights, if people are too big they need to buy two tickets (totally support this), there is nothing worse than sitting cooped up next to a massive stranger on a 16 hour flight. So we limit the size of a person per seat and we limit the weight of their baggage then how come I have the same weight restrictions on my baggage as someone who weights 80kgs or even 110kgs (mind you my tiny self and I weigh a whole 48kgs on a “fat” day). Truth be told there should be a limit on your weight + your baggage weight per flight and if this weight is exceeded sorry but you’ll just have to buy an extra ticket, or leave your baggage behind. How is it fair that I get 25kg baggage allowance and someone that weights 100 gets 25 kg baggage allowance…. Airlines FIX this.


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