Church, school bodies team up to help kids

More than 400 churches under the auspices of Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leadership are joining forces with the National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) in the Bay to address ill discipline and general lawlessness in schools.

The organisations launched the Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leaders Education Task Team under the theme “Communities reclaiming their schools”.

NASGB chairwoman Nomvuyo Mbiko said yesterday they had identified a number of issues leading to moral decay in schools – one being the lack of parent involvement.

“We often hear that a child has punched a teacher. There is no longer respect in our schools. Respect begins at home but parents have failed to teach children how they must conduct themselves and it’s their responsibility. We cannot expect others to always solve our problems,” she said.

Mbiko said they had decided to partner with churches because they were moral custodians. A working group has been established which will focus on:

  • Forming study groups in all 60 wards in the metro;
  • Embarking on a campaign to empower parents to get involved in school governance; and
  • Encouraging pupils and parents to accept responsibility for the welfare of their schools.

Pastor Neville Goldman, of the Ebenezer Centre, said they became involved to protect the future of children by giving them a proper education. “We will be setting our children up for failure if the church is not involved in their education.”

-Hendrick Mphande 

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