Poor kids go to school with heads held high

Walmer Lower Primary School pupils can now go to school with pride after Walmer Angels project founder Glenda Brunette got sponsors around Port Elizabeth to adopt a child and buy them a new school uniform.

A total of 78 pupils got new uniforms from various sponsors, with 44 uniforms coming from the Malan Charity Group.

Brunette, one of The Herald GM Citizen of the Year top five finalists in 2013, has made it her life’s mission to see that pupils, many poor, have all their needs met.

The project, established in 2005, identifies needs of Walmer Township children attending daycare facilities and creches. School principal Zukiswa Maku said Brunette’s involvement with Walmer Lower Primary had made a big difference.

“Glenda’s project is the best around here. She has helped us a lot because she is able to reach sponsors that we can’t and she takes whatever she can get from them and gives it to us,” Maku said.

Brunette started the ongoing uniform initiative last year. People can donate uniforms throughout the year.

“This is not a one-off thing. People who are interested in donating uniforms can still do so. One doesn’t necessarily have to buy a new uniform, you can donate your old school uniform or your children’s.”

She said she saw a need at the school and she felt compelled to help.

“This is where God has placed me. I feel that children do not ask for the circumstances they grow up in, so I do what I can to try and change their circumstances.”

Brunette spends most of her time working with volunteers on renovations and beautifying projects at the school, and on a reading programme and a soup kitchen.

“She also provides breakfast for the pupils and takes whatever is left over to their families and other families in need around Walmer,” Maku said.

People who are interested in donating can contact Brunette on 072-476- 1040 or e-mail her at glendabrunette3@gmail.com

You can drop off old uniforms at The Pantry on the corner of Main Road and 10th Avenue in Walmer.

– Siphiwokuhle Penze

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