Superchef Ramsay told to pay millions


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been hit with a massive bill in the latest round of his family feud.

Britain’s “superchef”, probably known more for his bombastic TV presence than his Michelin-starred cuisine, found himself lumbered with a £10.8-million (R185-million) rent bill over the next 17 years, not to mention £1.6-million (R27.4-million) legal costs and outstanding rent, after losing a vitriolic court battle with his father-in-law.

Ramsay, 48, had claimed that Christopher Hutcheson, former chief executive of his business, forged his signature on a deal making him the guarantor for rent on the York & Albany, a gastropub in Camden, North London.

However, a high court judge rejected Ramsay’s claim that he had been duped as “entirely implausible”.

To add insult to Ramsay’s grim week, Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that he would be inclined to take his German counterpart Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama to Nando’s rather than a Ramsay restaurant as the chicken chain “is the best value for money”.

Hutcheson first worked amicably with his son-in-law, but in 2010 Ramsay sacked him from running his empire, alleging financial improprieties.

He also said he paid private detectives to follow Hutcheson, discovering he was leading a double life with a second family.

– The Telegraph

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