‘Mommy doctors’ favoured profession

From dentists to “gananacologists” – also known as “mommy doctors” – South Africa can look forward to a new batch of doctors in about 20 years’ time as some of Nelson Mandela Bay’s pupils starting school this year aspire to join the medical profession.

They are yet to get their first bit of homework or a good feel of “big school”, but for these grade R and 1 pupils their careers have been planned and nothing can stand in their way.

Besides two pupils who aim to become a rugby coach and a fireman one day, children see themselves with stethoscopes and in white coats – all ready to make the world feel better.

Clarendon Park Primary Grade 1 pupil Taylor Austin, 6, said: “When you are a doctor you can make sick people better and you don’t get sick because you know all the medicines.”

Her classmate, Hanna Tinderholm, said she wanted to be a “mommy doctor”.

Asked what kind of doctor a mommy doctor was, she thought for some time before answering: “A gananacologist.”

When Victoria Park Grey Primary Grade R pupil Sange Libala, 5, was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he simply said: “Dr Libala.”

VP Grey Grade 1 pupil Bothando Mkencele, 6, said he wanted to be a dentist.

“I just love taking people’s teeth out,” he said.

Grade R pupil Blayne Weitz, 5, saw himself driving a fire engine and putting out fires.

Grade 1 pupil Unathi Makwapeni, 6, wants to be a rugby coach. Asked why, he said: “We need one.”

– Zandile Mbabela 

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