Gang unit not probing shooting of Booysen


Police remain mum over the investigation into the killing of high-ranking Up Stand Dogs gang member Hilton Booysen after it emerged that the case will not be given to the specialist Port Elizabeth gang unit.

Booysen, 24, who was in and out of court for a string of gang-related shootings, died in a hail of bullets on Sunday night while parked outside a tavern in Kamesh Road, Uitenhage.

Police suspect that Booysen was the hitman for the Up Stand Dogs and that he was killed as part of a revenge attack by a rival gang.

On Monday, police said the investigation would be transferred to the gang unit amid fears that Booysen’s death could spark further revenge attacks. Since then there have been several meetings between police officials to formulate strategies to prevent suspected revenge attacks.

The unit, which was formed last year due to the spate of shootings and deaths in the northern areas, is the Bay’s elite team which specialises in gang-related investigations.

Yesterday, however, police revealed that the Booysen murder would not be investigated by the specialist unit but instead by Kamesh detectives.

Despite claims that the matter was receiving priority attention, officials skirted questions as to why the gang unit had not taken the lead on the case.

Speaking on behalf of the gang unit, spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans refused to comment on the case as it was not being investigated by them.

Uitenhage police spokesman Warrant Officer Basil Seekoei, however, said: “There is an agreement with the Kamesh detectives and the gang unit to share information and to assist in the investigation. A preliminary investigation has been done.”

-Gareth Wilson 

One thought on “Gang unit not probing shooting of Booysen

  • January 23, 2015 at 7:30 am

    Put all these gangs on an open field with no guns, lets see then who would win. As a resident in Schauderville, yesterday an innocent 18year old boy, walking home became another victim to this malicious game.. We as a community need to do something about this, it all starts with us.


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