Companies aid Kirkwood poor

The Kirkwood community united early in the new year to assist in the renovation of two community halls in the townships just outside the town.

The Ekhaya Development Association (EDA), made up of residents born in the Bersheba and Enon areas, have taken it upon themselves to assist in the upliftment of these poorer communities in the Sundays River Valley. Their most recent project was the renovation of two community halls in these townships.

“These halls have never been renovated since they were built in 1997. The community uses these halls regularly, and they are deteriorating fast,” said EDA secretary Aubrey Ngeni.

“However, the EDA is disappointed by the Sundays River Valley Municipality which expressed its support of the EDA’s initiative and promised to play its part but never fulfilled that promise.”

As a result the EDA approached other entities for help and was very pleased with the assistance it received from the Absa Kirkwood Wildsfees, Kirkwood Build It and Dagbreek Spar, who made contributions in the form of money, supplies and discounts at their stores. Thanks to their help the Zinakile Mkhaba Community Hall in Bersheba now sports a fresh coat of paint, he said.

“These companies have shown that public-private partnerships could work wonders to change the lives of our people. Our country needs more institutions like these, who are willing to help.”

– The Herald reporter

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