More couples likely to seek divorce in January, says infidelity website

While change may be as a good as a holiday, holidays may just be the root cause of change – especially when it comes to getting divorced.

This is according to a new survey conducted by infidelity website Victoria Milan, which claims that more couples are likely to seek a divorce during the month of January.

While Victoria Milan says its research has shown that the “holiday obligations of December strain relationships and prompt more couples to seek divorces in January”, the website also claims it gains more new members during the same month each year.

The survey asked members, including South Africans, if they were more likely to divorce in January compared with other months and if so, why.

“More than 45% believe that they are more interested in divorcing during January, while only 22% said they were less interested in January.

“The holiday season in December . . . means high expectations and intense interaction with their partner. This makes it hard to ignore what is wrong in the relationship,” Victoria Milan founder Sigurd Vedal said.

While no official statistics are available for divorce rates monthly in South Africa, Nelson Mandela Bay professionals agreed that divorce was prevalent in the region.

Attorney and divorce specialist Jacques du Preez said: “In my experience divorce cases spike during the third and fourth quarters.”

But divorce attorney Carol Geswint reported a roaring trade during the month of January. “I have already got seven new divorce instructions. I certainly think there is a spike in divorces during this time of year.”

– Shaun Gillham

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