La Grange finds a surprise ally

Zelda La Grange
Zelda La Grange

Zelda la Grange may not have too many friends right now after her Twitter meltdown at the weekend, but she has found an unexpected ally in Telecommunications and Postal Services Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize.

Mkhize said yesterday she would approach Nelson Mandela’s former personal assistant to “partner me in promoting debates on racism and prejudice”.

In a slew of tweets on Saturday, which she subsequently had to apologise for, La Grange attacked President Jacob Zuma.

“I’m SICK of Jacob Zuma’s constant go at whites every few months. Why can’t we co-exist without it having to be at the expense of one another?”

Mkhize said people should re-establish a forum where we talk about our difficult past.

“She [La Grange] sounded like somebody who is struggling with public discourse.

“Sometimes people who are not politically sophisticated find it difficult to grapple with the bigger issues in society.”

– Andile Ndlovu

One thought on “La Grange finds a surprise ally

  • January 19, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    Why is it that when someone feels strongly about an issue and makes a comment or statement only to apologise for it later because total morons say “you are racist” There will always be critics and there will unfortunately always be those who pull the race card. Zuma is a disgrace to our beautiful country. He will go down in history as the biggest joke and embarrassment to have ever been president and no….I will not apologize!


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