No end soon to “loadshedding”

Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona told reporters in Johannesburg on Thursday (15/01/15) that there would be no end soon to “loadshedding” or scheduled blackouts.

“This is a pattern that Eskom is going to find itself in for some time to come.”

Matona said he had been with the company for three months now.

“I have come to understand much more deeply the nature of the problem and what is required to deal with it.

“We know what the problem is [and] we know what solution is required to get out of the situation that we find ourself in, as Eskom and as a country.”

Eskom is like a car that has not been maintained, its CEO said on Thursday.

“The metaphor of a car is very useful. If you continue to drive a car without maintaining it, it will carry you but at some point it breaks down,” Tshediso Matona told reporters in Johannesburg.

“I think this is what is happening with many generating units at Eskom.”

Eskom has had a “maintenance philosophy” but it did not always stick to it.

“Eskom has not stayed faithful to that maintenance religion for a very, long time. The reliability of our equipment is the price we are paying.”

In the same briefing Matona said Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Eskom on Thursday and described the under-strain power utility as a “glorious company.”

“The deputy president referred to it as a glorious company,”  Matona told reporters in Johannesburg.


One thought on “No end soon to “loadshedding”

  • January 16, 2015 at 9:29 am

    Escom is like a car with a bad driver who drives like a maniac and never gets the car serviced! Is n’t it strange that the people who USED to run Escom but were chased away because of their skin colour never had any of these problems and the power was always there! What does that tell you? The Escom bosses take gigantic salaries but are incompetent!The previous CEO Brian Dames walked away with 22 million Rands JUST IN HIS LAST YEAR!!! You can bet he has no electricity problems because with his gigantic salary he can afford a private generator with plenty of fuel.The two power stations being built are five years behind coming on line!!! FIVE YEARS! You could believe one year or 18 months but FIVE YEARS!!! They are taking us for a BIG RIDE and just laughing at us as they spend all our tax and rates money on parties and big cars and houses!


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